MRP Hospital
  State Secretary
(All India Siddha Doctors Association)
National Governing Council Member & National Medical Wing President
(Human Rights & RTI Organisation)
State Medical Wing Secretary
(Asia Human Rights Protection Organisation)

MRP Hospital is a world standard ISO certified hospital. And we are proud that this is the first Naturopathic hospital to get ISO certification. Moreover the doctors have been awarded. "Maruthuvar Kalanjiyum" and "DOCTOR KALAINGAR VIRUDHU". All India Siddha Medical Association and All India Alternative Medical Academy together awarded "ACHIEVERS AWARD" on its 8th State Meeting.

Kind Attention to Patients

Decease can be diagnosed only through laboratory tests and only then treatment can be given accordingly. There is no treatment in this world like some advertisements announce A, B, C, Special charges for medicines. Moreover if you buy 1 month's medicine you get 1 month's medicine free indicates CHEATING regarding medical world. So if you find our hospital Genuine, you are welcomed to take treatment.

Bone Degeneration (Wear & Tear)
Obesity (Weight Loss or Gain)
White Leprosy
Urinary Troubles
Kidney Stones
Awards & Achievements